Abel absolutely loves hearing from his listeners and clients, and loves it when he has the chance to answer questions about your health, diet, the primal lifestyle, and well... pretty much anything goes!

He gets tons of questions, and it really helps when he is trying to decide what his next blog post or podcast episode should be about. These types of questions help him see what issues his customers and readers typically struggle with when making changes to their lifestyle and diet.

If you have a specific question you would like Abel to personally answer for you, your best bet is to submit it to us on our Ask Abel page. Please click here to post your question so that Abel himself will see it:


Sending in your question this way ensures that he will have a chance to review it and he will very likely answer it in an upcoming blog post or on his regular podcast. But don't worry, your privacy is assured and he will never reveal your identity.

After you've submitted your question, make sure to keep an eye on the log and podcast for the answer. Here is where you will likely see your issue discussed very soon...

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Thanks again for your excellent questions. We appreciate you!